I-RELIEF Hot & Cold Therapy Mask with ThermaBeads

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  • Temperature retaining ThermaBeads™ for lasting hot or cold therapy
  • Naturally-hydrating ThermaBeads™ for deep penetrating, moist heat therapy
  • Latex free & non-allergenic 
  • Contouring shape for full contact
  • Elastic strap for a comfortable fit
  • Adjustable closure for proper compression
  • Soft cloth fabric for added comfort
  • Reusable, washable and durable to last loner
  • Machine washable fabric slipcover protects mask from oils, makeup and dirt
  • Contains 1 eye mask 8.6 in x 3.5 in (22cm x 9 cm) and 1 protective fabric slipcover

    Eye care professionals recommend moist heat therapy as a form of supplementary treatment for people suffering from dry eyes and other conditions of the eyelid. Hot or cold compresses can provide immediate relief from discomfort, and consistent use over time can help increase blood circulation, stimulate lipid oil production and reduce tear evaporation, thereby improving overall ocular health.

    I-RELIEF™ Hot & Cold Therapy Mask with ThermaBeads can help patients manage their dry eye disease from the mildest of symptoms to more serious conditions, such as MGD or Blepharitis.

    I-RELIEF™ Hot & Cold Therapy Mask with ThermaBeads™ will be most effective when used as part of a combined treatment plan with I-DROP® Viscoadaptive Tears and I-LID 'N LASH® Ocular Hygiene Products.