Blue Control

What is Blue Control?

Blue Control lenses are custom made CR-39 lenses coated with a premium, clear filter that reduces blue light penetration into the retina.  They help reduce eyestrain and fatigue, increase contrast, and improve your sleep cycle. 

Blue Control lenses filter out about 30-40% of blue light so they appear clear and do not change the appearance of colours on your devices.  

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is at the high energy end of the visible spectrum between 380-500 nano meters.  Sunlight is the main source of blue light and we are exposed to it most when outdoors.  Its presence actually helps us wake up in the morning and its absence helps us sleep at night. Recently it has been discovered that a significant source of blue light is emitted from digital devices and theoretically, it can be damaging to the eyes because of the amount of time you spend looking at screens and how easily it penetrates the cornea to reach the retina.  

How does Blue Light affect your eyes?

With all the time we spend on computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones  we are exposed to a significant amount of blue light.  Along with reduced blinking, it can cause eyestrain and discomfort.  When digital devices are used just before bed it can after your sleep cycle or circadian rhythm.