Dry Eye Omega Benefits Liquid

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Dry Eye Omega Benefits — available in liquid form — is recommended by the country’s leading ophthalmologists and optometrists as a preferred solution for maintaining a healthy tear film leading to a healthy ocular surface. By taking just one teaspoon per day, you receive two to three grams of Omega-3s in its ultra-purified, re-esterified triglyceride form (rTG).

PRN’s specially formulated brand of liquid Omega-3s for dry eyes provides you with many different advantages over those sold over-the-counter:

  • Clinically proven formula: PRN has uniquely formulated the Dry Eye Omega Benefits Liquid form to provide relief from occasional dry eyes.*
  • Most easily absorbed form: The re-esterified triglyceride (rTG) found in Dry Eye Omega Benefits provides the proper amount and ratio of EPA and DHA, in the most absorbable form for your body.
  • Patented formulation: The formula used to create Dry Eye Omega Benefits Liquid is patented for its ability to create a soothing, healthy tear.
  • Third-party tested for purityManufactured in Norway according to cGMP standards, every batch and every bottle of Dry Eye Omega Benefits Liquid meets PRN’s exacting standards for purity, concentration, and absorbability.
  • Proprietary molecular distillation: Our process guarantees that the liquid form of Dry Eye Omega Benefits is of exceptional purity when compared to other Omega-3 products commonly sold over-the-counter.